About Jeremiah Hall

I am a videographer living in the Cincinnati, OH area. I have over fifteen years experience, with my name on a couple of Emmys and a Murrow or two. When I'm not in front of After Effects or teaching editing techniques, I like to play with camera equipment and as much tech as I can find the time for.

doddleREVIEWS: Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio Beta Part 2 – System Requirements

DaVinci Resolve 12

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve 12 Beta is flexible enough to work in codecs from SD all the way to 4K. But can your computer handle what you want to edit? Let’s take a look at what machine you need to edit and grade in Resolve 12 Studio Beta. (See Part 1 … [Read more...]

doddleREVIEWS: Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio Beta – Part 1

DaVinci Resolve 12

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 12 Beta and DaVanci Resolve 12 Studio Beta are here. How are they? Let’s take a look. I loved Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve 11. It is a powerful piece of software, but it had a learning curve attached to it, especially for … [Read more...]

doddleREVIEWS: Editing With The Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad

Logitech's G13 keys.

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) A gaming keypad makes editing your project faster by not having to jump around your main keyboard for quick keys. The Logitech G13 is one such gameboard. Let's take a look. A gaming keypad is a small keyboard with multiple programmable-buttons. These are not … [Read more...]

doddleREVIEWS: FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro's view from the iPhone screen.

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Let’s take a look at FiLMiC Pro, a video camera app for iPhones. Consumer cameras annoy me. Auto-focus and auto-exposure software code can turn what would be a good shot into a nightmare. Get two things in the foreground, the camera can’t figure out what to … [Read more...]

Windows 10 – Upgrading The Edit System

Windows 10 Start Button

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Microsoft has released Windows 10. Here’s my experience upgrading my edit system. It was with some trepidation that I agreed to cue up for my Windows 10 upgrade on my edit system. Don’t get me wrong, I like new software the same as anyone else. But my edit … [Read more...]

Wait On That Update: Windows 10 & Skipping The Line

Photo courtesy Microsoft.

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Microsoft has released the first wave of Windows 10, releasing the update in waves. Should you ignore the line and upgrade your edit system? In a word: wait. I like to work with new software, especially new operating systems. Seeing what changes have been made to … [Read more...]

doddleREVIEWS: Final Draft Writer For iPhone

FInal Draft Writer 1

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Final Draft has released a new version of their iOS app Writer, and now it works on iPhones as well as iPads. But how is the Final Draft Writer experience on an iPhone? Let’s take a look and find out. I’ve been working with Final Draft since the last century. … [Read more...]

NAB 2015: Sony Creative Software Unveils Catalyst Production Suite

Catalyst Edit

By Jeremiah Hall (dodlleNEWS) Sony Creative Software has unveiled the Catalyst Production Suite at NAB 2015, which consists of Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit. Catalyst Prepare is software for organizing, simple editing, and exporting footage. With Catalyst Prepare, videographers and … [Read more...]

The Foundry Releases Non-Commercial Versions of NUKE


By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) UK effects wizards The Foundry have released free non-commercial versions of NUKE, their line of compositing and effects software. However, the point to emphasize is “non-commercial.” Nuke is high-end compositing software. It comes in three flavors: NUKE, … [Read more...]

doddleREVIEWS: Magic Bullet Suite 12 – Magic Bullet Film

magic bullet film 1

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Red Giant Software has released Magic Bullet Suite 12; let’s take a look. Magic Bullet Suite 12 consists of 7 different titles: Magic Bullet Looks 3.0, Colorista III, Mojo 2, Cosmo 2, Magic Bullet Film, DeNoiser II, and LUT Buddy. This time, let’s look at Magic … [Read more...]

doddleREVIEW: Mister Horse’s Animation Composer For After Effects

Mister Horse Animation Composer

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Animation Composer from developer Mister Horse is an add-on for Adobe After Effects. Is it worth your time? Let’s take a look. When it comes to Adobe After Effects, plugins are a huge help. They let the animator speed up the time it takes to build an effect … [Read more...]

A Closer Look At AlterMedia’s Studio Suite XI

Studio Suite Xi Screehshot - Calendar

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Recently, AlterMedia released the newest version of Studio Suite facility managing software. Let's take a look and see if it's right for you. It's the start of a New Yar, and something that's on a lot of people's minds are resolutions. So while you're making the … [Read more...]

Red Giant Updates Shooter Suite and PluralEyes

red giant shooter suite

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Red Giant updated their Shooter Suite to 12.6.1. Shooter Suite is a tool package consisting of BulletProof, LUT Buddy, Instant 4K, Frames, DeNoiser II, PluralEyes 3.5.5, and Offload. For our review of BulletProof, click here. For our review of LUT Buddy, click … [Read more...]

Red Giant’s Shooter Suite Review Part 7: Offload 1.0

Offload 2

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Last month Red Giant software updated Shooter Suite and added a new program: Offload. Let's take a look. A few months ago, I reviewed each app that makes up Red Giant Software's Shooter Suite individually (click here for part 1). Then, at the beginning of October … [Read more...]

Red Giant’s Primatte Keyer 5.1 – A Review

Primatte Keyer 5.1

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Red Giant has released their updated Primatte Keyer 5.1 Let’s take a look. It is quite possible for an editor to go through their entire career and not ever have to deal with chromakeying. It is also possible to strike a match on a marshmallow. Remember I said … [Read more...]

Red Giant Shooter Suite Review, Part 6: PluralEyes 3.5

Red Giant Software PluralEyes

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS) Red Giant has released their new version of Shooter Suite, a software bundle for videographers. We’ve been looking at each piece of software and giving it a shot. This is the last one in the series, Red Giant’s Plural Eyes. For part one, Red Giant’s … [Read more...]

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