Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 On Netflix, IMAX Simultaneously, Gets Hit With Movie Theater Backlash


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) In a move that was likely to ruffle some feathers The Weinstein Company, IMAX, and Netflix have just secured a deal releasing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend on Netflix and in selected IMAX screens worldwide. This will mark Netflix's first foray … [Read more...]

Will The Avengers 3 Be Split Into Two Parts?


By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Marvel's massively popular Avengers film will have its sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, hit the big screen in May but that hasn't stopped some of us from thinking about the future. When Marvel announced seven untitled release dates through to 2019 many people … [Read more...]

SoftBank considers stake in Legendary Pictures: report


TOKYO (Reuters) Japan's SoftBank Corp has been in talks to take a minority stake in privately held movie studio Legendary Pictures, entertainment trade publication The Hollywood Reporter reported on Tuesday. The talks between SoftBank and Burbank, California-based Legendary, home of hits like … [Read more...]

Updated: Inherent Vice Trailer, PT Anderson Talks Spoof Film Influences

inherent vice poster

Updated with the trailer, new poster By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) Paul Thomas Anderson has revealed the films which influenced his latest project, Inherent Vice, including spoofs Police Squad! and Top Secret! Take a look at the trailer: Yet, despite being one of the most revered directors … [Read more...]

David Fincher: There Were Star Wars Talks

David Fincher

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS) David Fincher has revealed that he talked to Lucasfilm producer Kathleen Kennedy about directing Star Wars: Episode VII. Indeed, before JJ Abrams was confirmed as director, there were reports that the Gone Girl helmer had been approached about the sequel, however, … [Read more...]

William Shatner Confirms Star Trek 3 Casting Interest

captain kirk william shatner

Tells fans he'd love to play Kirk again. By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS) When news broke last week that Star Trek 3 director Roberto Orci wanted to get the surviving members of Star Trek together, including Leonard Nimoy, for the third rebooted installment of the Gene Roddenberry Saga, it blew up … [Read more...]

Kevin Smith’s Clerks III Is A Go, Thanks To Tusk

The original Clerks poster (click for larger)

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Kevin Smith has had an odd career as a filmmaker, all of his films have been made on small budgets, and have, for the most part, did modest business at the box office. He has a small, but loyal and fiercely passionate fan base, and for a while it seemed that he had … [Read more...]

Marvel And The Jack Kirby Estate Dispute Finally Comes To A Settlement

Jack Kirby

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Marvel Studios has produced some of the biggest movies of all time. In fact, the films have done so well that the entire franchise had domestically unseated the Harry Potter films earlier this year as the highest grossing film franchise of all time, with $2.9 … [Read more...]

DreamWorks-SoftBank talks may augur Hollywood dealmaking wave

DreamWorks Animation logo

By Lisa Richwine - LOS ANGELES (Reuters) DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc could soon have a new Japanese owner in a deal that highlights the challenges facing Hollywood's smaller studios in remaining independent and could prompt a string of other deals. Over the weekend, a source said DreamWorks, … [Read more...]

Great Characters: Part 1

dr. hannibal lecter clarice starling silence of the lambs

By Brock Cooper (doddleNEWS) When was the last time you fell in love with a movie's character? I don't mean the last time you liked a movie, or felt that familiar rush of adrenaline at a particular plot point. I mean, when was the last time a movie ended, and you just wanted a few more minutes … [Read more...]

Leper colony novel would make great film, producer tells Graham Greene fest

a burnt-out case graham green book

By Carolyn Cohn - BERKHAMSTED England (Reuters) Writer Graham Greene's novel, "A Burnt-Out Case," set in a leper colony in the Belgian Congo would make a great film, the producer of the 1999 film of Greene's "The End of the Affair" said. Stephen Woolley told the annual Graham Greene festival … [Read more...]

Denzel Washington’s Equalizer tops box office

The Equalizer

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) "The Equalizer," a thriller starring Denzel Washington as a man who helps rescue a teen girl under the control of Russian gangsters, debuted in the top spot on U.S. and Canadian movie charts over the weekend with $35 million in ticket sales. Young adult drama "The Maze … [Read more...]

Alex Winters Updates Us On Bill & Ted 3

wyld-stallyns Bill and Ted

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) The 80's were a wonderful time if you enjoyed teenage comedy and time travel films. Two of the best time travel films came out of that era, Back to the Future followed a few years later by Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Of the two, only Back to the Future … [Read more...]

A Geek’s Reaction to Jupiter Ascending Trailer Number 3


The latest trailer for Jupiter Ascending has more plot and action. By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) Epic sprawling science fiction space operas, filled with fun and adventure are hard to come by. Sure we have Star Wars: Episode VII coming up next year, and we've had Star Trek and Star Trek … [Read more...]

A Geek’s Reaction to Michael Mann’s Blackhat Trailer

Blackhat (Screengrab)

Blackhat stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor). By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) I love a good hacker-based techno-thriller, it's a lot of fun when done right! Back in the mid-1990's, we got a slew of them as more and more people started to discover the world wide web -- yes I remember those … [Read more...]

Movie Review: The Equalizer

The Equalizer

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS) For a film that's 131 minutes long, there's not much story going on in The Equalizer. In fact, by the end of the movie, I know precious little more about Denzel Washington's character Robert McCall than I did at the beginning of the film. Based on the television … [Read more...]

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