Cosmopolis Is Natural Territory For Cronenberg

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

David Cronenberg made his name making films you wouldn’t take your mum to. His weird, mind-bending explorations cemented his niche in arthouse cinema during the 80s and 90s.

In fact, his only genuine flirtation with the mainstream at that time was the 1986 remake of The Fly, which amazingly is still his highest grossing picture.

During the 1990s, his output became even more subversive, with a screen adaptation of J.D Ballard’s Crash becoming one of the most infamous of the decade.

However, at the turn of the millennium, something changed. The Canadian director teamed up with the hugely talented Viggo Mortensen and made three films, which were all firmly grounded in the real world, while admittedly still holding onto that unconventional edge.

This move away from debauched horror and sci-fi really paid off. A History of Violence and Eastern Promises were easily his two best films since Dead Ringers way back in 1988.

Now that Cronenberg has gained the confidence of the studio executives once again, his new offering looks like he has reverted back to type.

Cosmopolis follows Twilight star Robert Pattinson as a young billionaire, as he traverses through the seedy and all-together weird undergrowth of New York City, combined with dialogue that seems straight out of a David Lynch script.

The casting of Pattision could be a stroke of genius, as his mere presence should attract attention and ultimately the female dollar. However, those who go to see this film solely based on the young actors involvement, will most likely be terrified out of their minds.

The film is a screen adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 2003 book, which in turn is a modern interpretation of James Joyce’s Ulysses. It takes place at the turn of the millennium, and it has been praised for it’s scathing assessment of western financial institutions. Watch the trailer here.

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