Prometheus 2 Gets New Writer & Release Date

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

Despite being 76-years-old, director Ridley Scott is still more active than a delinquent cocker spaniel.

While the legendary filmmaker completes work on his biblical epic, Exodus, starring Christian Bale as Moses, Scott is also developing follow-ups to Blade Runner and Prometheus.

The Wrap has reported details on the latter, which has now been confirmed as the Gladiator filmmaker’s next project, with a March 2016 officially penciled in by Fox. According to the report, screenwriter Michael Green, who is also writing the Blade Runner sequel, has been hired to re-write Jack Paglen’s first draft.

Also, Bleeding Cool has corroborated the report’s assertion that the sequel will feature multiple versions of android David 8, played by Michael Fassbender. The Wrap also suggests that the xenomorph link will be developed in the unnamed follow-up (aka, Prometheus 2), which will reportedly have a similar tone to Alien (1979).

While it’s easy to suggest that Scott has enlisted Green to sabotage his own legacy, the truth is the director has been making disappointing movies for the past 30+ years.

Indeed one of those deeply underwhelming projects was quasi-Alien prequel, Prometheus, which included some of the most moronic plot lines in recent blockbuster history.

Although, like every Scott project, the film did include some exceptional elements, not least Fassbender’s superb performance as morally ambiguous cyborg David.

So news that the sequel will develop his character further is exciting.

Scott will reportedly start filming on Prometheus 2 this fall, with that possible release in March 2016, right after he is finished post-production on Exodus. Where that leaves potential blockbuster Wool, we’re not sure yet. Stay tuned for more news on Prometheus 2, Blade Runner’s sequels, and Wool.

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